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Pottukadalai Urundai

Pottukadali Urundai or Maa Ladoo is a very popular snacks of South India. This is 90's kids favourite snacks. I am sure those days were awesome running at break to get those from canteen or eagerly waiting for our evening snacks time. This is rich in iron and low fat. Best for constipation as it contains dietary fibre. It is soft that it goes way into your tummy when you keep it in your mouth.

All got stuck up due to lockdown and not knowing what to do for snacks for your energetic kids, who wants something or the other while staying at home. Here comes a time pass snacks which you can make with the help of your kids, who will be eager to do small chores at this time of lockdown. This is the right time get the help from kids. The ingredients are all simple which you have stocked up in your kitchen. There are various versions out of which this is simplest one.



MAKING TIME: 10 mins.

TOTAL TIME: 15 mins.

BALLS: 16-17.


Whole Fired Gram - 1 cup (175 gram).

Brown Sugar - 1/2 cup (90 gram).

Ghee -1/4cup (45 gram).


  1. Dry roast fried gram till a nice aroma comes.

  2. Once cool down ground fried gram & sugar to fine powder.

  3. Sieve the powder.

  4. Heat the ghee .

  5. Pour the ghee and combine all make it into small balls.


Ur ingredients.

Dry roast fried gram.

Grind all except ghee.

Sieve it.

Combine all tiny balls.



  • Can increase the sugar according to your taste.

  • While making balls press hard to get compress and tighten up or else it would break.

  • Add ghee less or more according your consistency.

  • Have used broken fried grams you can use whole fried gram.

  • You guys healthy freaks can use brown sugar instead of sugar.

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