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Parotta is an iconic street food which is popular all over Tamil Nadu. The soft stretchy multilayered delight is enjoyed by people of all age. In my native still I remember the street shops which are packed up at evening for parotta's. I have not yet tasted parotta similar to my native. These lip smacking parotta are bought by travellers for their family members.

I have not added egg to the recipe. Kneading the dough for 20-25 minutes is very important for this recipe. This ensures the maida to release gluten which helps to have layered parotta. I have rested the dough at each step and it's very important to. Once the dough is kneaded, it has to be rested with some oil at top. Again once the spiral balls are prepared it has to be rested. The oil used her is gingely oil.



RESTING TIME : 3 hr + 1 hr + 15 mins

COOKING TIME : 40 mins

SERVES : 12 pc


Maida - 4 cups (500 g)

Salt - 1 tsp

Oil - 1/4 cup

Water - 1 1/4 cup


  1. In a mixing bowl add maida and salt, give it a mix. Then add water and make a soft dough. I have added more water than mentioned.

  2. Transfer it to the work area and knead the dough by stretching it for 15-20 mins. Then add 2- 3 tsp of oil and mix it again, it might be greasy at the beginning but soon it will come together.

  3. Transfer it to the bowl and apply a tsp of oil and cover it with a lid for 3 - 4 hrs. The longer we rest softer the parotta becomes.

  4. Divide it into equal balls. Apply some oil and rest it for another 30 mins to 1 hr. Cover and let it relax.

  5. Spread the balls very thin and apply oil, gather it together and roll it. Cover and let it sit for another 15 mins.

  6. Now press it to flatten and place it on a medium hot tawa and cook until golden. Apply oil if required.

  7. Beat the parotta's when it is hot.

Serve with your favourite curry.


Your ingredients.

In the bowl mix maida, salt and water. Have used added water little greater than the mentioned one.

Transfer it to the work area and knead my stretching for 15 - 20 mins. This is the important process as this helps to incorporate gluten in the dough.

Cover the dough with oil and allow it to rest for 3 - 4 hrs by covering it with a lid. The longer you rest the soft the parotta will be.

Divide it into equal balls and cover with oil. Rest for another 30 mins to 1hr.

Flatten by pressing with palm behind of a plate by applying oil. Then with the help of a knife make straight lines. Gather it together and spin roll them.

Flatten them with palm. On a medium hot tawa. Cook until golden.

Serve hot with chicken salna.


  • When the resting time is more you get soft parotta.

  • I flatten them with by palms on behind of the larger plate.

  • During kneading make sure to stretch and knead this helps to incorporate gluten in the maida.

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