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Karupatti Panniyaram

Karrupatti panniyaram is an easy-to-do recipe with appam batter. Here I have showed you a step-by-step procedure with pictures which will simplify the making of recipe. Karrupatti helps to enhances the sweetness to the panniyaram.

Karupatti is made from an un-fermented palm drink known as padaneer. Padaneer is filtered and boiled in iron wat. Once cooled down its poured in a mould. It's rich in iron content.

Appam batter preparation is similar to dosa batter, which needs preparation and fermentation which is prepared from soaking raw rice (pasai arisi) for the batter.


Preparation Time: 5 mins

Cooking Time: 2-3 mins (per batch)

Ingredients :

Appam Batter (Thick) - 4-5 cups

Karrupatti - 3 cubes

Coconut grated - 1/4 cup

Ghee - As required

Salt - to taste

Method :

  1. In a bowl take appam batter, grated coconut and salt give it a mix.

  2. Add karrupatti water and mix it. Gradually, add water and make a smooth batter with flowing consistency.

  3. In panniyaram pan apply ghee when it bubbles up pour 3/4th batter.

  4. Once it fluffs up turn it around and let it turn to golden brown and it doesn't stick the turner when you take the panniyaram.

Serve hot.

Pictorial :

Take your ingredients.

Dissolve karrupatti in water.

In a bowl mix all the ingredients except water and ghee. Gradually, add water and make a smooth batter consistency.

Add ghee in panniyaram pan. Pour 3/4th laddle in the bowl. Flip it over once bubbles comes on top layer.

Serve hot.

Tips :

  • Karrupatti can be added according to the sweetness.

  • A pinch of salt will enhance the flavour.

  • Grated coconut is added for the crunchy taste.

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