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Authentic Kara Panniyaram from our grand parents time. It's best for snacks and breakfast for kids. It may turn out to be a healthy breakfast for your fuzzy kids who goes to school. The simple main ingredient it is just dosa batter which is your kitchen. Mainly I make kara panniyaram when the batter is at verge to finish. These may turn to be fluffy and mouth watering for your kids who will want it more. These may go great when you serve it with sambhar and chutney. Blank in the time of lockdown, what snacks to make for your kids, who wants some sort of snacks to be given, are you the person of eating homemade snacks, come on try this simple recipe with only few ingredients. Actually, panniyaram varieties are all easy to make with less cooking time.



COOKING TIME: 2-3 mins (per batch)

SERVES: 4 to 6


Dosa Batter - 4-5 cups

Carrot - 3

Onion -1 (big)

Salt - to taste


Mustard Seed - 1/4 tsp

Oil - 2 tbsp

Urad dal - 1/2tsp


  • Finely chop onions and grate carrot.


  1. In a kadai add oil once it bubbles add mustard seed once it splutters add urad dal.

  2. Add onion and carrot little bit salt. Saute till onion becomes translucent.

  3. Add this sauted one to the dosa batter and give it a nice stir.

  4. In panniyaram pan pour oil once bubbles up add 3/4th each hole with the batter. Once it fluffs up give it a toss.

  5. When it turns golden brown remove.

  6. Serve hot with chutney.



Take all ingredients.

Temper it.

Add onions, carrot and salt.

Pour it in batter.

Pour in pan.

Turn it around.

Serve hot.


  • Instead of oil you can use ghee. That will enhance the flavour.

  • To check if it is ready prick it with a stick if it doesn't stick it is perfect.

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