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Indian cutlets are made with a variety of filling, coated with breadcrumbs and fried till crispy and golden. Cutlets are crisp on outside, spicy and juicy inside.

Fish cutlets are made with fish, potatoes and spices are coated in egg and breadcrumbs, and are deep or shallow fried to golden perfection. These cutlets are not only a great party starter but also highly addictive

The best way to cook fish is obviously in a steamer, so the fish will stay moist and soft. Make sure you remove all the bones before adding the fish to the rest of the ingredients.

My mom makes super delicious fish cutlets which are so soft which are great starters for lunch. I remember when guests who come to our home used to say, "Aunty, fish cutlet! This is enough for our lunch".

I have made a slight change to my mom's recipe by coating them with breadcrumbs and egg, to enrich the starter. Normally, I make the patties before a day and freeze them. This simplify the process next day. As the process of making cutlet consumes time.



COOKING TIME : 1 hr 20 mins

TOTAL TIME : 1 hr 30 mins



Fish (Vella meen)- 1/2 kg

Shallot ( small onion ) - 1/2 cup

Salt - to taste

Garam masala - 1 tsp

Turmeric powder - 1 tsp

Green chilli - 5

Potato - 3

To coat :


Egg -6


  1. Take the middle portion of the fish to make cutlet. Clean the fish and steam cook for ten minutes. I have used idli cooker to steam the fish for 10 mins. This helps to have soft juicy patties.

  2. Once cooked discard the bones and flesh separately this is the important step for the making. Make sure all the bones are discarded. And crumble them up finely or you can give a pus mode in mixer.

  3. Pressure cook potato for 3 whistle. Once cooled down peel the skin and mash the potatoes

  4. Chop onions and chilli finely.

  5. In a tawa add oil and saute onions till it is translucent, add the chilli, garam masala, salt and turmeric powder. And mix them well.

  6. Combine them with fish, mashed potato and make small patties.

  7. In a bowl beat up the egg and in another bowl take breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs can be made in home buy toasting bread and grind them coarsely in mixer.

  8. Give double coating by dipping them in egg and then in breadcrumbs. This helps as a binding agent.

  9. These can go to refrigerator for 20 mins.

  10. In a kadai pour oil and shallow fry the patties until u get golden brown colour.

Serve hot with sauce.


Your ingredients.

Steam cook fish in idli cooker for 10 mins.

In a kadai add oil and onions till translucent then add garam masala, salt, turmeric powder and chilli. Fry for 1 minute till the raw smell goes. Once fish is done discard the bones from the flesh. This is the important step. Crumble the fish if it's not done u can give it a pus mode in mixer.

Pressure cook potato for 3 whistle. Once pressure releases, peel the skin and mash the potatoes.

Combine all and make small patties.

Give double coating first in egg and then in breadcrumbs. This helps in binding agent.

Keep in refrigerator for 20 mins.

Shallow fry till golden brown.

Serve hot.


  • Patties can be made before hand and coated. Refrigerate these patties for nearly 2 days. This may lessen your time for party.

  • Adding turmeric powder will help to remove the raw smell from the fish.

  • Fish should be crumbled nicely to enhance the flavour of the cutlet.

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1 Comment

chikku jokku
chikku jokku
Jul 14, 2020

Mouth watering yummy recipe 😋 most awaited one ❣️

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